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Morgan Madison's one-on-one with Henrik Lundqvist

Morgan Madison is immensely proud of its collaboration with Henrik Lundqvist. Together we have created two niche perfumes, NEXT CHAPTER, which reflect Henrik's personality and the start of something new and exciting.


"The idea of creating my personal fragrance has been with me for many years. Regardless of whether I've been on my way to play a match or to a dinner in town, perfume has always added an overall feel to my outfit", says Henrik Lundqvist.

Henrik is as famous for his style as for his matchless performances as a hockey goalkeeper, and both Vanity Fair and Forbes have named him one of the world's best-dressed athletes.

When Morgan Madison proposed that he create his own fragrance, the timing was perfect.

"I met Annika Hansson, Brand Manager at Morgan Madison, and was instantly impressed by her passion for fragrances. In addition, they work exclusively with niche perfumes that are the best of the best in the fragrance world. Everything matched perfectly, and I felt confident in creating my own signature scent."


The Inspiration for Next Chapter

That it required more than one perfume to reflect Henrik's personality became clear quite quickly. He has always used two scents, choosing them according to mood and clothing. There were no specific scent notes that had to be included, instead Henrik thought that the contrasts between life with hockey and the life he lives today should be reflected in the scents.

"I like contrasts and appreciate both quiet moments and when it's full speed. Even though I'm often dressed in a suit, I'm just as comfortable in jeans and boots. I am both."


Two Niche Perfumes

Fresh, confident with a modern elegance was the main focus from the start. There was no doubt that it would be niche perfumes, with the best ingredients, which require the artisanship that is Morgan Madison's signature. The higher percentage of pure perfume oils gives the scents more dimensions, the notes develop over a longer period of time, and adapt to the wearer of the perfume.

"The name Next Chapter felt obvious, says Henrik, it reflects where I am right now, entering a new, exciting chapter of my life."

In Next Chapter Vol 1 there is a relaxed and crisp energy that leaves no one untouched. The onset is fresh citrus which, when mixed with soft oakmoss and a hint of vanilla, lands in an unexpectedly warm scent that lingers on the skin hour after hour.

New York has a big place in Henrik's heart and Next Chapter Vol 2 captures much of the city's unique atmosphere. It is a confident scent, full of contrasts. Fresh and spicy, elegant and self-confident at the same time. Ginger, cedar, and a hint of leather create mystery.


The Collaboration and the Perfumer

The absolute highest quality has been a common theme running through every single part of the project. Several trials have been required both in Sweden and New York. The road ahead has been far from straightforward.

"Annika and I have been in close contact, and she has skillfully brought out all the parts of my personality. We have taken steps both forward, backward, and sideways, but Annika has steered the perfumer in the right direction, and we have created two fantastic perfumes that I am very proud of", says Henrik.

Morgan Madison has worked together with Sufian J.A, a Swedish perfumer originally from the Middle East who has extensive experience working with niche perfumes.


The Design of the Bottle

Morgan Madison's suggestion that Orrefors, with its tradition of artisanship and sustainable quality, should be behind the design of the bottle, tied Sweden and New York together in a nice way. The inspiration is the light in New York and the play of lines from the City Glass series created by Martti Rytkönen.

"When the sun rises between the skyscrapers and blends with the steam from the water pipes in the streets, lines are formed that go crisscross, I liked the bottle from the first moment", says Henrik.

A fun detail is the black cork, which has grooves on the sides just like a hockey puck. Next Chapter is a new chapter in Henrik's life, and this is a common theme even in the book-like box that the perfumes come in.


Wanting to give back

Early in the collaboration, Henrik was already determined that part of the revenue from the perfumes would go to the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation, which he founded together with his wife Therese. Through education and health care, they strive to create positive changes in the lives of children and their families all over the world.

"I am lucky in life, and it feels important to give something back", says Henrik.